• Let´s celebreate our birthday!

100 years of mechanical engineering "Made in Kronach"

Many exciting stories begin with an idea: And this is how the history of the Hans Weber machine factory in Kronach began. From building a grinding machine for slates in the 1920s to becoming an international leader in the fields of grinding technology, robotics and automation, extruder technology and additive manufacturing.

100 years of tradition with a look to the future

Each WEBER division combines many years of expert knowledge with innovative technologies. Behind every machine is a team of specialists who work hand in hand: for smooth work processes, individual solutions and maximum efficiency - and that since 100 years.

Did you know, that...


  • WEBER has its origins back in 1922? Hans Weber, the great-grandfather of the current managing directors Ludwig Weber and Dr. Markus Weber laid the foundation for the machine factory in 1922 by designing and developing the first grinding machine for the slate industry.

  • the founder Hans Weber developed another innovation in the 1920s on behalf of a Nuremberg machine factory, namely the cylinder grinding machine

  • just 10 years after the founding of the machine factory, the in-house design and construction of mechanical variable speed drives began

  • 1950 Hans Weber, the second generation of the Weber family took part in the management
  • Hans Weber Maschinenfabrik built the first wide belt sanding machine in 1955

  • WEBER set another groundbreaking technological milestone in 1958? The first WEBER plastic extruder was built

  • in 1973 the second production area in Kronach was built. Since then WEBER developes and produces on a production area of 46.000 squaremetres
  • the 3rd Weber Generation took part in the manaegement in 1979. Georg Weber in 1980 and Michael Weber in 1981
  • since 2009 and 2017 the current managing directors Dr. Markus Weber and Ludwig Weber manage the business of the Weber company in 4th generation
  • the divisions WEBER Additive and WEBER Robotics and Automation were founded in 2019
  • WEBER celebrated its 100th birthday in May this year!



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