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Our vision

We have set ourselves the goal of making direct extrusion more attractive for industry through configurable, high-quality systems.

What makes our WEBER Additive machines different?

  • High-quality WEBER extruders from the AE series
  • Adaptable machine concepts
  • Comprehensive technical support
  • Lifelong service
  • Made in Germany


    The manufacturing technology

    “Direct extrusion” with pellets

    In contrast to conventional manufacturing processes, additive manufacturing involves adding material. Complex or internal textures can thus be manufactured very easily, but also very consistently. Another advantage of additive manufacturing is its high level of flexibility, which means it can be used to create products that would not be possible with conventional manufacturing processes.

    “Direct extrusion” involves building components up layer by layer from plastified granules. The fact that filaments are not used has several advantages:

    • a WEBER single screw extruder can be used to process highly-filled, fibre-reinforced or even soft materials
    • The high output of the extruder enables faster printing, especially for large-volume components
    • The granule form of manufacture is much more cost-effective than the traditional filament method 
    • Material can be fed from silos without interruption
    • Various colours and customer-specific material blends are cost-effective and quick to produce


    Research projects

    Cooperation with reasearch institutes

    We are the industrial partner to the IPH Institute (Integrierte Produktion Hannover) on the “Quali3D” research project - optical quality testing for extrusion 3D print. You can find further information about the project here: www.quali3d.iph-hannover.de

    Are you interested?

    Do you need further or more detailed information about our additive manufacturing systems? Our WEBER Additive team is looking forward to your enquiry!

    Contact persons - Additive Manufacturing


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