DX series

Direct extrusion with gantry system

Are you looking for an industrial machine solution for large scale 3D printing by means of pellets? Our gantry system DX 025 offers you this production technology in a compact, integrated machine at the highest quality.

    DX 025 - 360° view

    DX 025

    Printing system in gantry design with 2.5 m³ build volume

    Our DX 025 manufacturing system has a build volume of approx. 2.5 m³ based on a high-precision, CNC-controlled gantry system in combination with a high-quality WEBER extruder specially developed for 3D printing.

    The correct configuration of the additive manufacturing system depends on many factors. We would be pleased to support you in configuring the DX system for your application.

    Technical dataDX 025
    Build volume [W x D x H]1600 x 1200 x 1300 mm³
    KinematicsHigh-precision BoschRexroth linear units
    Machine controlCNC control
    BoschRexroth MTX standard
    Max. print bed temperature300ºC
    (depending on print bed system)
    Max. build chamber temperature70°C (heated version)
    Dimensions [W×D×H]3390 × 2495 × 2800 mm³
    (configuration dependent)


    Features ofDX 025
    Print head

    AE 20 15.5D

    Pellet conveyorIntegrated
    Pellet dryerhot air dryer (50 l) /
    dew point dryer (> 60 l)
    Vacuum table systemOptional
    Thermal insulation
    and chamber heating
    Print monitoringRGB IP cameras

    AE series

    Our AE series extruders for direct extrusion

    Designed for dynamics: light weight, optimised for variable output,
    with powerful servo motor and compact material feeder.

    The right configuration and size of the pellet extruder depends on many factors:

    • Typically required extrusion speed
    • Desired layer and wall thickness
    • Material and material composition

    We are able to process a broad range of thermoplastic materials (up to 450°C process temperature)
    through the open process recipe system of our machines.

    Get in touch with our experts and find your personal machine configuration!

    The most important features of our AE series extruders:

    • Controlled via the central machine control
    • Optimal screw geometry for a linear output characteristic
    • Interchangeable nozzle
    • Tempered feeding zone with water cooling

    Optional features:

    • Up to 450 °C processing temperature
    • Wear protection solutions for the processing of fibre reinforced materials
    • Workpiece cooling on the extruder

    The models of the AE series extruders

    • AE 16 15.5D

      Lightweight and compact
      For fast and precise jobs
      Output ~2 kg/h

    • AE 20 15.5D

      The allrounder
      Versatile in use
      Output ~4.5 kg/h

    • AE 30 15.5D (30D)

      High performance
      Optimised for hybrid production
      Output ~8 kg/h (20 kg/h)

    Are you interested?

    Please feel free to request further detailed information about our gantry system DX 025 for additive manufacturing.

    Our WEBER Additive team is looking forward to your enquiry!

    If you have further requirements, we are ready to develop the suitable machine configuration for you
    within the scope of a project on the basis of our DX 025.

    Contact persons - Additive Manufacturing


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