Advanced path planning and monitoring

with Ai Build´s AiSync plattform

Ai Build provides enterprise software for manufacturers to automate and optimise the large format 3D printing process, unlike traditional 3D printing which is error prone and laborious. The London based company works with a network of innovative clients, partners and investors (including Boeing) to bring their cutting edge technology into a wide range of industrial applications.

Material, process development and machines

with Colossus Printers

Colossus is known for their large-scale transportable 3D printers and focus on recycling and sustainability. The application-driven approach of the Belgian company leads to innovative process integrations in their FGF machines. By continuous development of recycled and specialized materials they aim to push the boundaries of 3D printing. WEBER Additive and Colossus have a strategic partnership and Colossus´ new XS Series printers are developed in partnership with WEBER. Any questions about Colossus machines or services? Please send an email to


Hybrid Manufacturing

with Reichenbacher Hamuel GmbH

Reichenbacher is known for its 5-axis portal milling machines for wood, plastics, aluminium and composite processing. Through partnership with Weber, machine solutions have been developed which provides full additive and subtractive fabrication capabilities.

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Enter into hybrid manufacturing

With a robust portal frame, stationary machining table, 5-axis milling and 3-axis extrusion head, this compact manufacturing cell enables our customers to enter the world of high precision hybrid fabrication at low costs.



High throughput hybrid manufacturing

Technical specificationHybriDX-PRO
Build volume [W×D×H]2500 × 2000 × 1000 mm³
Printer kinematics
Milling  kinematics
Control systemSiemens Sinumerik ONE
Print headAE 20 / AE 30 / AE 30
Milling head4,6 – 55 kW
Milling tool change12- to 80-tool slots
Max. build plate temp.200°C