Direct extrusion with gantry system

Are you looking for the right machine solution for large-scale 3D-printing?

The „DX 025“ system is a gantry system equipped with a high-quality, specially developed WEBER extruder. With this production cell, large and complex components can be manufactured from different plastic pellets.

    DX025 - 360° view

    Technical details

    Features of DX 025 gantry system with WEBER extruder 

    With its almost 2.5 m³ the system offers an enormous space within a high-precision portal.
    In order to achieve the best possible results, WEBER is currently equipping the machine with a heated surround.

    The most important features of our beta system are:

    • WEBER extruder on a gantry system
    • Approx. build size of 2.5 m³
    • Heated base plattform
    • Optional heated surround
    • High quality CNC control and axle system
    • Fully automatic pellet conveying and pellet dryer
    • Extruder with complete wear protection
    • AE-Serie – Additive extruder: ultralightweight extruder design optimized for dynamic output

    Features ofDX 025
    Build size1500 x 1200 x 1300 mm³
    Printing speedup to 500 mm/s
    Layer thickness0.25 - 12 mm
    Max. travel speed600 mm/s
    Max. load of the build tray400 kg
    Dimensions of the systemW 3040 x D 2200 x H 2690 mm³
    Options ofDX 025
    Nozzle diameter0.5 - 15 mm
    Output15 g/h - 20 kg/h
    Number of extrudersup to 2 extruders


    Our extruders for DX-and DXR systems

    Created for motion: lightweight, optimized for dynamic output, with strong servo drive and compact vacuum conveyor.

    The most important features of our AE-Series:

    • Strong servo drive and optimized processing units for dynamic output 
    • Extremely lightweight construction
    • Optimal screw geometry for your application
    • Wear protection solutions for fibre reinforced materials
    • Interchangeble nozzle
    • Feed zone cooling
    • Optional workpiece cooling on the extruder 
    • Compact vacuum conveyor

    Are you interested?

    Please feel free to request further detailed information about our gantry system DX025 for additive manufacturing.

    Our WEBER additive team is looking forward to your enquiry!

    If you have further requirements, we are ready to develop the suitable machine configuration for you
    within the scope of a project on the basis of our DX 025.

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