Part manufacturing

Large format printing according to your requirements

We offer you the opportunity to have your models manufactured additively in our premises.
For the print we use our machines, equipped with our DX technology.

Our approach

We support you in preparing the model for 3D printing and also organise the necessary finishing of the parts
at our partners. In cooperation with material suppliers, we are able to find the right material for your application,
optimize it and determine the optimum process parameters.

We continuously develop our technology according to the needs of our customers and extend our capabilities.
We have compiled our current technical possibilities for you in the following for orientation.

Material examplesVariants
ABSRBG colors to mix
PA6filled with CF / GF up to 30%
PETGtransparent, black, recycled
TPEShore 40, Shore 60


Manufacturing possibilities 
Build size2400 x 1200 x 600 mm³
Layer thickness0.5 - 5 mm
Wall thickness1 - 10 mm
Printed part fidelityfunction of form and material



Are you interested?

For a printability assessment and the preparation of an offer we require the 3D model of the corresponding part
as well as the technical requirements. Contact us with your project so that we can select the right material and
manufacturing approach. For further details please contact Manuel Kolb!

Your WEBER Additive sales team

Are you looking for machine solutions for additive manufacturing?
Talk to us.

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Business Director

Karin Sesselmann

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    Manufacture of parts
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