PVC die heads

PVC coextrusion die head FBL3

Do you have a new product idea?
The new FBL3 PVC coextrusion die head could perhaps help it to become a reality.
Thanks to its optimised flow geometry, this head is versatile and can be used
for the most diverse materials: 

whether highly-filled PVC, recycled goods or foamed PVC – a
good layer distribution and high process reliability are guaranteed.
The new FBL3 enables outputs of over 1000 kg/h and pipe
diameters up to 250 mm.

Pipe extrusion

PVC die heads

RK die head

Here at WEBER we rise to the challenge posed by the particularly
high demands of PVC with innovation and extensive technical expertise.

One of these innovations is known as the RK die head.
What is most impressive about this product is its rheologically optimised melt channel, which makes it perfect for the otherwise challenging requirements of
PVC material.

Easy handling, straightforward fitting and removal also make it an efficient
solution with maximum flexibility – all of course made in Kronach, Germany. 

Pipe extrusion



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