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student placements

Lay the foundation for your professional future

We offer you the opportunity to undertake research in a concrete project with a personal supervisor and
to gain practical experience. In cooperation with our experts and your university, you can develop your topic
at the interface between theory and practice and can always rely on your personal supervisor and our know-how.

Within the company you will also have the opportunity to make contacts and prove
yourself for future employment. 


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Why a dissertation at WEBER?

We take you further

Qualified supervision and work alongside established specialists

Begin to take on some responsibility in projects or in everyday business

Students can develop their dissertation topic together with specialists from WEBER and their university

Work on your dissertation at the interface of theory and practice

Work on practical issues and put them into practice in real time

Work independently and learn on the job

Opportunity to thoroughly get to know future work areas at WEBER


Good to know

Information about your dissertation

Dependent on the university

As advertised
Good academic performance
Previous knowledge in the field
Commitment and interpersonal skills

Dependent on the degree


Current topics for your project work

These technical topics await you

“Acoustic condition monitoring”

What you can expect :

  • Analysis of primarily acoustic signals with regard to significant patterns
  • Investigation of correlations with possible information about the condition of a machine, e.g.: process stability, machine damage
  • Drafting of concept for a diagnostics system (demonstrator/prototype)
  • Evaluation of applicability in practice

What you bring to the table:

  • You will be pursuing a technical course of study in electrical engineering, IT, physics or similar
  • You are confident using analysis software and have relevant programming skills
  • Sound knowledge in the field of signal processing and machine learning is an advantage
  • Practical experience of sensor and measuring systems is beneficial

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“Optimisation of sales processes in an SME”

Weber will soon be rolling out a new ERP system. Switching to this system should also help improve our sales processes. In order to be able to undertake this clinically and rigorously, we are looking for a student from a business background who might be interested in gaining a foothold in this area as a student employee before writing up their Master’s dissertation .

What you can look forward to:

  • Comprehensive introductory training in the sales department processes and in the APplus ERP system
  • Compiling a description of the basic theoretical principles of sales process optimisation
  • Mapping an ideal sales and enquiry process
  • Undertaking an as-is analysis of the current enquiry process
  • Undertaking an as-is analysis and target design of the enquiry process
  • Documenting and implementing the enquiry process in the ERP system
  • Maintaining intensive coordination between the sales department, the ERP team and your WEBER supervisor

What you bring to the table:

  • You are currently undertaking a Master’s or diploma course in business or industrial engineering
  • Alternatively, you have completed a Bachelor’s degree in business and are now studying a course specialising in management
  • Initiative, open mindedness and commitment

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“A business model for smart glasses service”

Service enquiries and minor machine repairs will be carried out more quickly, easily and in a more customer-friendly way at WEBER in future using virtual reality glasses. In order to get to grips with this project we are offering an interesting and pioneering dissertation in a new area!

What you can look forward to:

  • Describing the current processes in the varied servicing of sanding machines and extruders
  • Establishing a concept for using virtual reality glasses at WEBER and the company’s requirements for this
  • Illustrating the organisational, temporal and economical advantages for the customer and for WEBER
  • Analysing and comparing the solutions available on the market with regard to WEBER’s requirements
  • Working with experienced service staff and your in-house project supervisor

What you bring to the table:

  • You are currently studying industrial engineering, ideally specialising in IT, or a similar course with the relevant specialisms
  • Some initial practical experience in the servicing of machines and with virtual reality glasses is desirable
  • Independence, open mindedness and commitment

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“Integration of a device for measuring the outer diameter of extruder screws during processing on a machine tool”

The outer diameter of cylindrical extruder screws is processed to the finished size using a machine tool . The small tolerance range of the outer diameter and the machining of the surface with uncertain geometric edges mean that the operator constantly has to interrupt machining to take measurements.  The objective of this project is to integrate a measuring system on the machine tool which can measure the outer diameter during machining and send the measurements to the machine control to regulate the machining programme.

What you can look forward to:

  • Getting to know the current manufacturing sequence and how extruder screws workVaried tasks in which you can apply and deepen your knowledge of design, measuring technology, machine tools and control engineering
  • Working with experts from the above areas and your in-house project supervisor
  • Developing and comparing solutions
  • Overseeing the manufacture of the device
  • Testing the device directly on the machine tool

What you bring to the table:

  • You are currently studying mechanical engineering or mechatronics specialising in design, measuring technology, machine tools or a similar relevant course
  • Initial practical experience in handling CNC-controlled machine tools is desirable
  • Initiative, open mindedness and commitment

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Student trainee activity
“Metallurgy in a mechanical engineering SME”

Weber manufactures sanding machines and extruders. The processing unit of an extruder is subject to heavy loads as well as wear and tear.
The components involved are very valuable and their materials are therefore rigorously examined for imminent or existing damage.
We are looking for help with an interesting activity!

What you can look forward to:

  • Learning about complex extruder components, their manufacturing processes and the role they play in the extruder
  • Undertaking wear and damage analyses on our most sophisticated technical components
  • Expanding and applying your knowledge about the properties of metal materials, coating processes and heat treatment
  • Working with wear protection processes such as hardfacing
  • Carrying out tests and monitoring test stands
  • Receiving support from this and other departments involved

What you bring to the table:

  • You are currently studying for a Bachelor’s or Master’s in materials science or materials engineering specialising in the field of metallurgy or a similar relevant course
  • Initiative, open mindedness and commitment

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