Attention: Fake E-Mail

Dear business partners, ladies and gentlemen

Unfortunately, phishing attacks with fake e-mails are currently on the increase again. Scammers are trying,
copy the email and text messages from real companies to trick you pass on personal data and passwords.

We have indications that mails from Hans Weber Maschinenfabrik GmbH are also being faked.

The following indications can be helpful in detecting attempts at scamming:

- The e-mail address or telephone number, signature of the sender does not match the Hans Weber Maschinenfabrik GmbH to which the sender allegedly belongs.
- The email address or phone number used to contact you is different from the email address or phone number, that you have deposited with Weber.
- A link in a message looks reliable, but the URL does not match www.hansweber.de, https://hansweber-my.sharepoint.com/  or www.hansweber.de/cloud/.
- The appearance of the message is very different from other messages you usually receive from Weber.

If you can identify the suspected Weber mail as a fake before you open it, it is best not to open the message at all.
If you have already opened the mail, under no circumstances click on links in the mail text.

Do not reply to the mail either, otherwise the fraudster will have already found out that it is an actively used e-mail address.

If the mail has an attachment, do not open it. It is very likely that it contains malware.

Please report the scammer's mail to us immediately, by sending it with a short information as attachment to abusehansweberde.

This will enable us to investigate the matter and get to the root of the scam as quickly as possible.

Thank you very much.