WEBER additive
AE 16 15.5D


kg/h output capacity*

Light and compact
The granule extruder AE16 is best suited for fast, precise print jobs.

* nozzle: 2 mm with PETG CF15% reference material

Extruders for direct extrusion

AE Series
Created for dynamics

Light weight, optimised for variable output, with powerful servo motor and compact material feeder.
The right configuration and size of the pellet extruder depends on many factors, among others the extrusion speed required for application, the dimensions of intended part to be 3D printed, incl. layer width and height as well as the processed thermoplastic material and its composition.
We are able to process a broad range of thermoplastic materials (up to 450 °C process temperature) through the open process recipe system of our machines.
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The most important features of our AE series extruders:

  • Controlled via the central machine control
  • Optimal screw geometry for a linear output characteristic
  • Interchangeable nozzle
  • Tempered feeding zone with water cooling

Optional features:

  • High temperature capability (up to 450 °C)
  • Wear-protected barrel and screw, also for fi bre-fi lled, abrasive or corrosive materials
  • Component cooling with radial fan

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