Direct extrusion with gantry system

70 °C

max. build chamber temperature

up to 280 °C

heatable printing table

WEBER DX Series - Our CNC-controlled portal system for industrial large-format 3D printing using granulate with high precision

DX 025

Technical data

Build volume [W x D x H] 1600 × 1200 × 1300 mm³
Kinematics High-precision BoschRexroth linear units
Machine control CNC control BoschRexroth MTX standard
Max. print bed temperature 280 ºC (depending on print bed system)
Max. build chamber temperature 70 °C (heated version)
Dimensions [W×D×H] 3390 × 2495 × 2800 mm³ (configuration dependent)
DX 025


Print head AE 20 15,5D
Pellet conveyor Integrated
Pellet dryer Hot air dryer (50 l) / dew point dryer (> 60 l)
Vacuum table system Optional
Thermal insulation and chamber heating Optional
Print monitoring RGB IP cameras
Direct extrusion with gantry system

DX Series
Created for dynamics

Our DX 025 manufacturing system features a net build volume of approx. 2.5 m³, based on a high-precision, CNC-controlled portal system, in combination with a high-quality WEBER extruder that has been specifically developed for 3D printing.

The correct configuration of the additive manufacturing system depends on many factors. We are happy to assist you in configuring the DX system for your application.

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