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Since 2019, we at Hans Weber Maschinenfabrik GmbH have been producing modern industrial robotics and automation solutions in the WEBER automation division.
Our technology is primarily used in the finishing processes of WEBER sanding machines. Thanks to our modular palletizing and sorting system, we offer a perfect interface for the further processing of your workpieces.

However, our automation solutions are used in many areas of application where workpieces need to be palletized, placed or stacked.

Handling systems from WEBER

Future-proof industrial automation is the answer to increasing international competition, rapid digitalization, demographic shifts and the increasing scarcity of resources. Whether stacking, sorting, unloading or loading - discover our automation solutions that optimally prepare you for current and future challenges!

Optical surface inspection of metallic objects

WEBER offers highly advanced image-based inspection systems for industrial applications. These systems detect surface defects after the grinding process in real time. With advanced camera technology, individual lighting concepts and deep learning algorithms, we can offer customized solutions for our customers. Our many years of experience in assessing the surface quality of ground workpieces make us a reliable partner. WEBER's inspection systems optimize the manufacturing process and increase the quality of your products.

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Surface inspection

Robotic solutions  - the future of production 

By using robot technology, companies can achieve unsurpassed efficiency, precision and speed in their manufacturing processes. The integration of robotics into industrial processes leads to a significant increase in efficiency through precise and fast task completion, resulting in reduced production times and increased overall performance. Automation reduces production costs as repetitive processes are carried out without human involvement, which also minimizes the error rate. Consistent product quality is ensured by robots, which reduces rejects and rework and thus improves quality. Relieving human workers of routine tasks enables resource optimization and promotes creative, strategic and quality control-related activities. Occupational safety increases as robots take over dangerous or unhealthy tasks, minimizing the risk of accidents for human workers. Investing in robotics technology represents a clear step towards future viability and competitiveness, positions companies as innovative market leaders and contributes to sustainable development.

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Automation as an economic component within your production

By combining industrial robots and an optical recognition system, we offer an individually adaptable solution for automating downstream processes in grinding technology. Thanks to the recognition system, barriers to the optimization of company processes, such as necessary robot knowledge or teaching processes, are obsolete. Thanks to the high degree of customization, this economical component can be easily integrated into existing production lines.

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Experience handling systems live in the Weber technical center!

Immerse yourself in the world of modern handling systems at Hans Weber Maschinenfabrik GmbH. In our state-of-the-art technical center, you have the unique opportunity to experience our innovative handling systems in action.

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Automation solutions are indispensable in Industry 4.0 as they increase efficiency, enhance adaptability and improve product quality. They enable real-time data collection and analysis, reduce costs and increase safety in the workplace. Through automation, companies can better meet customer requirements, be more competitive and operate successfully in the digital era.



Automation solutions increase efficiency and lower costs by reducing manual work processes. They also improve product quality and increase safety in the workplace. Scalability and the ability to reduce downtimes are further decisive advantages for the use of automation solutions in industry.



WEBER offers innovative loading systems, part turning concepts and sorting systems. In addition, we offer extensive gripping and stacking robotics from a single source.



Looking to the future, automation plays a key role in industry. Jobs will be redesigned through it, with people increasingly working in collaboration with automation solutions to create more efficient processes and innovative products. Automation will also help to promote sustainability and resource efficiency in various industries.


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