WEBER extrusion
 Conical twin-screws

Extruder for PVC profile extrusion

Technische Daten

Up to 250

kg/h output capacity


for the optimum cross linkage

Do you want a homogeneous machinery pool?
There are many reasons for continuing best practices. Reduced stock keeping, retention of the tool systems, as well as compatible process technology in connection with modern control and drive technology are only some of the reasons that argue in its favour. Available as free-standing machine or co-extruder, we offer you the conical twin-screw extruders of the WEBER Classic Line, a standardised machine concept, short building spaces, as well as the same types of extruders to last decades.


Conical twin-screw extruders
Approved extruder technology at the best price

Output (PVC)*­­­­­
*Note: Coex performances
CE3 / CE3Z 25 kg/h
CE3.2 / CE3.2Z 30 kg/h
CE5 / CE5Z 70 kg/h
CE5.2 / CE5.2Z 80 kg/h
CE7 / CE7Z 120 / 170 kg/h
CE7.2 / CE7.2Z 140 / 190 kg/h
CE8 / CE8Z 200 / 250 kg/h
CE8.2 / CE8.2Z 220 / 270 kg/h

High level of individualisation
Adapted to your requirements

At WEBER, we not only think in the long term but also in terms of individual and customised solutions. Therefore, with our approved Duo and Co-extrusion, we offer additional equipment with two  injection extruders. In this way, a compact and space-saving four-fold extruder is built with an optional central control unit – needless to say, everything is adapted to your demands.

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