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Centralised in the division WEBER automation, WEBER plans and implements complex solutions for industrial robotics and automation. Sorting, stacking and workpiece handling – palletising and sorting systems made by WEBER offer all these performances. This complements the downstream process to the WEBER sanding/grinding machines and thus offers a perfect interface to the other workpiece processing steps.


Why did we start with the theme of Automation?

This new concept was created at the request of multiple customers. Many customers of Weber's Sanding/Grinding Technology division were looking for an automation solution without the need for the knowledge of robotics or teaching processes but were unable find it in the market.

Therefore, with the Robotics and Automation division, WEBER took on this problem in 2019 in order to make the developed solution available for a wide market. The concept has not been completed by a long shot; the employees of the newly founded division are following up on developing and pushing forward the existing ideas every day.


Our automation solutions convince with the following advantages:

  • Complete automatic teaching-in and calculation of grip point
  • Employees do not need knowledge of robots
  • Saving of personnel costs and displaying absence of personnel
  • Reducing human errors and set-up times
  • Automatic recognition of workpiece and dimensions
  • Linkable with ERP system (digital data acquisition + data processing)
  • Complete extension possible, also in case of bigger system constructions
  • Customised solutions, such as surface recognition, possible

Problems without automation

Today, without automation, producing businesses face costs for high employment of staff for the operation of machines. Costs for vacation, illness, standstill times, etc. must also be added. That is, if employees are available at all. Therefore, the shortage of employees is decisive for many enterprises wanting to do these works, in implementing automation. 


Commercial automation

For common automation solutions, each new and unknown part must be taught-in separately and newly. This requires skilled employees, meaning a significant amount of time. Since this manual operation causes a high error rate, automation can quickly become inefficient due to nonobservance of cycle times, high error rate and a significant amount of time.  

The WEBER automation solution is different – due to automatic, intelligent automation and operation without the need of the knowledge of robots!

Our approach

Automation with WEBER technology

The handling system, consisting of the core components industrial robot, optical recognition system, and belt conveyor, localises and identifies the workpieces entering the cell. They are taught-in fully automatically, intelligently optimised, and placed on a Euro pallet.

Via the operator interface (HMI) touch panel „Rob Simple Control“ the operator can easily activate the teach-in mode and monitor the current process. The system automatically recognises the grip point of the workpieces. The operator does not need any knowledge of programming or robotics. Regarding flexibility, the system offers changeable robot tools to be able to respond to the various variants of workpiece dimensions.

Find out more about our solution approach for the challenge of handling workpieces with small batch sizes and a high number of variants in our recorded webinar with the WEBER experts.

Lösungsansatz Webinar

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