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To be able to get the maximum from wood, metal and other materials, high-quality surface finishing is essential. This is exactly what WEBER has been focused on since the foundation of the company. As such, they can draw on more than 100 years of experience in sanding/grinding technology.

Our competence ranges from deburring via grinding, sanding, descaling , brushing, calibration, roughing, and structuring right up to veneer and lacquer processing. As a special highlight, the beauty of projects can individually be enhanced using our effect-sanding/grinding method.

Apart from our core competences in wood and metal processing, we also offer surface processing for fibre-reinforced materials, as well as plastic and graphite materials. That means, our possibilities are nearly unlimited – if, at first glance, your requirement is not included, please do not hesitate to contact us. Together with our customers, we have worked out numerous special solutions already.


Metal processing with WEBER grinding technology

Stability. Flexibility. Functionality. Whatever designers and engineers require for the implementation of their projects – the material metal fulfils their particular expectations. No doubt: Metal fascinates!

For instance, in many cases, laser cutting has replaced classical flame and plasma cutting. Simultaneously, new requirements on grinding technology resulted from this. Over the years, WEBER has been responsive to the increasing demands with various innovations, so that we are now able to offer a wide range of standard and special solutions.



Wood processing with WEBER sanding technology 

An increasing number of new materials is used in the furniture industry, interior architecture, and exhibition stand construction. However, the aesthetic fascination of wood is timeless. Based on decades of experience and continuous innovation, we are developing sanding automats that meet the highest demands.

This provides the best conditions for the living material „wood“ in its varieties to fascinate after its processing – as a result of an efficient and resource-saving production. Today, the requirements on the surface quality of solid timbers demand a high level of technological know-how in the furniture and plate industry that we are providing with our more than 100 years of experience. 


Today, the application and design of veneer wood knows no boundaries. In addition, veneers are getting ever thinner and require new and innovative production methods. Thanks to its sanding technology, Weber is able to provide reasonable and functional answers.

The automatic measurement of workpiece thickness offers precise adjustment and is indispensable for efficient working. The WEBER ISA/ISD segmented platen adapts its sanding pressure to the workpiece size by an electronic control and single segments. This ensures specific and always homogeneous sanding pressure on the surface and the edges. The WEBER planetary head creates a perfect surface independently from the workpiece shape. The patented head is perfectly suitable for cut-outs, profiles and massive edge bands. The WEBER optional vacuum table improves the adhesion on the conveyor and conveys the workpieces through the machine exactly in position.

Surface finishing with coating that is as thin as possible and environmentally friendly lacquers are challenges that WEBER tackles with its well-engineered sanding and brushing technology.

WEBER cross-sanding takes place across the stroke direction in the first sanding step and is then done in longitudinal direction. It causes clearly less and shorter fibres on the wood surface and provides the ideal preconditions for subseqent lacquer coating. The WEBER planetary head sets new standards for sanding quality. The patented head guarantees a perfect surface independently from the wood fibre direction or the shape of the workpiece. In addition, 3D surfaces, radiuses and profiles can be processed. When lacquer is applied, almost no wood fibres will protrude; this leads to saving of lacquer and better surface quality. The WEBER round brush heads are used for smoothing the surface and breaking the cross edges; this is the indispensable precondition for a perfect lacquer coating.

High-end high-gloss lacquers visualise the smallest surface irregularities on the surface; therefore, perfect pre-sanding of the surface is essential. With the well-engineered sanding technology of WEBER this is not an issue.

Here, the cross belt head of WEBER is applied. It works across the entire surface and stroke direction; this excludes different degrees of wearing of the sanding belt and prevents the associated differences in the polished surface. Friction heat is generally unwanted in the course of lacquer sanding. This is reduced by a soft felt lamella belt and sufficient cooling of the sanding belt is ensured by a long belt. Also regarding the surface finish, the WEBER planetary head sets new standards. The rotating movement of the head, combined with high speed, enhances the surface and produces different degrees of gloss on, for example, Corian.

For the processing of plate-shaped materials, WEBER has developed three own series. Because other requirements are imposed on these sanding machines than on commercial standard machines, their design is clearly different.

For processing of veneer and plywood panels, the sanding pad stations can also be equipped with electronically controlled segmented platens. The drives are separated from the machine column and combined to form an independent unit. As such, sanding failures due to occurring vibrations in the machine column will be eliminated.


These technological features characterise our wood-sanding machines.

  • The patented ISA/ISD segmented platen system guarantees a directed and homogeneous sanding pressure
  • The WEBER contact drum guarantees the highest accuracy and allows large chip removal
  • The WEBER cross sanding technology causes clearly less and shorter fibres
  • The WEBER CBF sanding technology creates smooth and homogeneous surfaces
  • The WEBER ES workpiece blow-off system offers complete dedusting at minimum pressure of compressed air
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