Automatic sanding machine

The automatic sanding machine from WEBER for wood sanding, veneer sanding and lacquer sanding

The WEBER KSN series is a completely redesigned automatic sanding machine for wood sanding, veneer sanding and lacquer sanding for artisans and industry. Up to 4 sanding stations allow for all machining variations. All the WEBER sanding and brushing stations can be installed in any order, to suit requirements.

The design of the WEBER KSN demonstrates a new wood sanding dimension – not only visually. Thanks to uncompromisingly clean lines and ergonomically
well-designed, the WEBER KSN is one of the most modern automatic sanding machines on the market. Due to the angled corner positioning, the operation
terminal permits better and faster access; all connections can be installed systematically from the top. Unimpeded vision of the machining
stations is possible thanks to the large vision panel. Access to all electronic and mechanical parts assists maintenance considerably.

technical data

  • Operating widths 1350 and 1600 mm

  • Version with 1 to 4 sanding stations

  • Calibrating roller drive up to 24 kW

  • Lacquer finishing package

  • Sanding belt drive with frequency control

  • Vacuum blower integrated in the machine frame

  • Modular machine concept

  • „i-Touch“-controller

  • Universal sanding lamella

sanding technology


Solid wood – a living material

The surface quality requirements for solid wood products demand the ultimate in technological expertise in today's furniture and panel industries. WEBER sanding technology satisfies these high standards with its patented ISA/ISD Segmented Platen System and fully developed sanding technology

  • The WEBER Contact Roller is used for calibration; it guarantees ultra-precise operations and allows for a high level of chip removal.
  • The WEBER ISA/ISDSegmented Platen adjusts the sanding pressure of the individual segments to the dimensions of the workpiece and is controlled electronically. This guarantees a targeted and consistently even sanding pressure on the surface and the edges.
  • WEBER CBF Sanding Technology has a crosswise running lamella belt and produces smooth and even surfaces, free of chatter marks.
  • The WEBER ES Workpiece Blow-Off Unit directly targets the surface, completely removing particles of dust while consuming minimal quantities of compressed air.

Wood veneer – limitless design options

These days, there is no limit to the use and design to which wood veneer can be put. At the same time, veneers are becoming increasingly thinner and require new and innovative production processes. WEBER is hard at work addressing these ever tougher requirements and is attempting to provide a useful and workable response in the form of suitable sanding technology.

  • The Automatic Workpiece Thickness Measurement System can be set precisely and is essential to running an efficient operation.
  • The WEBER ISA/ISD Segmented Platen adjusts the sanding pressure of the individual segments to the dimensions of the workpiece and is controlled electronically. This guarantees a targeted and consistently even sanding pressure on the surface and the edges.
  • The WEBER Planetary Head produces a perfect surface, regardless of the shape of the workpiece. This patented unit is ideally suited for blanks, profiles and solid edge band.
  • The WEBER Vacuum Blower is an optional feature which increases the adhesion of the conveyor belt and conveys the perfectly positioned workpieces through the machine.

Lacquer – the trendy surface finish

How to finish surfaces using the thinnest possible coat and environmentally compatible lacquers – that is the challenge for surface finishing, and one that WEBER is able to meet with its fully developed sanding and brushing technology.

  • The WEBER Cross Sander, which first sands crosswise to the direction of feed and then lengthwise, produces noticeably fewer and shorter fibres on the surface of the wood and therefore provides the ideal preparation for a subsequent lacquering process.
  • The WEBER Planetary Head sets new standards in sanding quality. This patented unit guarantees a perfect surface, regardless of the direction of the wood fibres or the shape of the workpiece. It can also be used for working 3D surfaces, radii and profiles. Used prior to lacquering, barely any of the wood fibres are raised, which ultimately results in less lacquer being used and a better surface quality.
  • The WEBER Round Brush Units are used for smoothing the surface and bevelling crosswise edges and is essential for perfect lacquering.

The WEBER innovative power

Quality, experience and market knowledge in one

With every one of our grinding machines you get quality, experience and our competence in application technology all in one. We advise you comprehensive
to our standard assortment as well as to individual, material-specific solutions and are of course also available to you after delivery with a reliable service at your side.
For this we use our many years of experience in the field of grinding technology and drive is constantly advancing this know-how - not least through
our in-house technical centre at the Kronach site. Always with the customer in focus, we are also expanding our expertise in the area of production.
Here we use new, digital possibilities for transparent production steps. This automation of our processes once again proves the usual WEBER innovative power,
for our customers in turn, this means advanced technologies and a minimisation of effort and costs.

Sales sanding machines

We will be happy to advise you in order to find the optimal solution for you in the field of grinding technology - we are at your side even 
with material-specific or individual applications.

Contact us. Together we will also develop your future solution.

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